Definition of centerline in US English:



  • A real or imaginary line through the center of something, especially one following an axis of symmetry.

    • ‘This drive shaft would also serve as the ideal location for the cannon which would then fire directly down the center line of the fighter, making aiming of the weapon extremely easy.’
    • ‘The judge then made a finding at page 55, against which there was no appeal, that the explosion occurred at the forward end of No 3 hatch, about on the centre line of the vessel, and probably a little to starboard of it.’
    • ‘It floated directly over the center line of the Pillar, with incredibly amounts of energy flowing through its jagged shining form.’
    • ‘In order to test the aircraft, it would have to be flown into some fairly unpleasant weather and, in order to further increase stability, a large fixed fin was added on the center line of the horizontal stabilizer.’
    • ‘If you follow the approximate centre line of the ship you will soon come to the remains of the engine, about half of which projects above the general level of the wreckage.’
    • ‘On the bridge, Heartland Wood & Cork Flooring installed the walnut planks at a 90-degree angle, with lap joints at the centre line.’
    • ‘Once inside, immediately in front of the raised stern cabin, a large winch has fallen on one end and rests almost vertically on the centre line of the ship.’
    • ‘To minimize steric hindrance, each residue was rotated around an individual axis directed along the local center line of the helix.’
    • ‘Using one of the grips described above, deliver the jack swinging your arm down in line with the middle of the mat and the centre line.’
    • ‘Militaristically, the correct etiquette for the bow, what one does and doesn't do, is based on a correct center line axis of the body, as in skiing.’
    • ‘If the lead foot is grounded anywhere near the centre line, the base of support becomes too narrow and sideways instability is likely to occur.’
    • ‘A bit further forward, and about halfway back to the engine, a mast lies from the centre line across the port side of the wreckage, with another small cargo winch nearby.’
    • ‘The central line represents the vertical centre line of the body, and also the progression of the movement.’
    • ‘With the origin at culvert center, the central angle is measured clockwise from the vertical center line.’
    • ‘Quite often, I wait until he has completely run out of any wearable pants before I reluctantly pull out the ironing board and get things creased down the centre line again.’
    • ‘In-flight refuelling gear is installed in the top centre line of the aircraft behind the cockpit.’
    • ‘On the centre line of the wreck, the propeller shaft continues forward again with a slight bend, perhaps a result of stress before the bolts holding the aft section in place fractured.’
    • ‘For this reason, the axis on the left shows negative numbers above the center line and positive numbers below.’
    • ‘If the tooth or insert is not symmetrical about its own center line, its crest is in a certain direction.’
    • ‘Fold each side inward again, lining up the two angled edges with the centre line.’
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