Definition of centerfire in English:



  • 1attributive (of a gun cartridge) having the primer in the center of the base.

    • ‘Barrel heating, which can be a problem with centerfire varmint cartridges, is hardly an issue with the .17 HMR.’
    • ‘It was the first centerfire cartridge adopted by the U.S. military.’
    • ‘Today's Open-Top from Cimarron uses modern centerfire ammunition and is offered with both the 1860 and 1851 Navy grip frame.’
    • ‘The practice of lead lapping certainly dates to the early days of centerfire cartridges and perhaps even further back into the days of muzzleloaders.’
    • ‘The cost of 1,000 rounds of the new centerfire .44 cartridges was $20.’
    • ‘Smith & Wesson sent their new Model No.3 to the U.S. Army for testing and they almost immediately sent it back to them saying to be considered, the cartridge had to be centerfire.’
    • ‘They allow the shooter to become more familiar with the feel, operating controls and trigger pull of the ‘real’ gun without the recoil and expense of centerfire ammunition.’
    • ‘Now, for the first time, handgun manufacturers began offering hot, small-bore centerfire cartridges for small game and varmints.’
    • ‘I can reload centerfire ammunition almost as cheaply, but some days I just want to shoot without fretting about lost cases or going through the reloading process.’
    • ‘In 1866, the first centerfire cartridge-firing American rifle appeared with the 1866 Springfield, chambered in .50-70.’
    • ‘The round is designed by Tom Burczynski, who brought us the famous Hydra-Shok and Starfire centerfire self-defense rounds.’
    • ‘In 1866 the first centerfire American cartridge rifle appeared in the form of the 1866 Springfield Trap Door chambered in .50-70.’
    • ‘Also in 1876, the Marlin / Ballard rifles began to be chambered for the heavy, centerfire cartridges needed on the frontier.’
    • ‘Originally designed for centerfire cartridges, the rifle was first chambered for .22 rimfires in 1886.’
    • ‘Schroeder sells pre-formed 5mm centerfire cases and three different bullets for the 5mm - a 40 gr. spitzer, round nose, and FMJ.’
    • ‘It was their first firearm to take centerfire, reloadable cartridges, and it was their first firearm to use ferrous metal for the receiver.’
    • ‘There are many different kinds of .22 LR ammunition on the market, and all of them are fairly inexpensive compared to centerfire ammo.’
    • ‘In ammunition, Remington is introducing Managed-Recoil centerfire cartridges and shotgun loads.’
    • ‘That's more than twice that of an average high-intensity centerfire cartridge and more than enough to cause the damage seen here.’
    • ‘With all the new cartridges appearing in recent years, it's curious that the selection of .22 centerfire cartridges seems to be declining.’
    1. 1.1 (of a gun) using centerfire cartridges.
      • ‘Generally speaking, rifles may be placed into two categories whether they are centerfire or rimfire - hunting and target.’
      • ‘In the expanding realm of purely fun-oriented pellet pistols that resemble centerfire semi-autos, the Auto 45 is a lot more than just another deadly looking gun.’
      • ‘But, I'll never forget the first time I fired a centerfire, single action sixgun.’
      • ‘For nearly 150 years, single-actions had to be carried with the hammer down on an empty chamber in centerfire models or in a slot provided between chambers in cap-n-ball sixguns.’
      • ‘And it's questionable whether the average youngster under 15 has developed the basic skills, physical strength and emotional maturity necessary to handle serious hunting with a shotgun or centerfire rifle.’
      • ‘By the time the .44-40 caliber Model 1873 - Winchester's first centerfire repeater - arrived, it was obvious a companion sixgun should soon be available.’
      • ‘The first centerfire levergun was the 1873 Winchester chambered in .44-40.’
      • ‘‘When shot, they must be killed by a head shot using a centrefire rifle,’ the proposal said.’
      • ‘I believe we'll see semi-auto rifles banned for hunting, and possibly all centerfire repeating rifles limited to three shots.’
      • ‘To me, handloading is a labor of love not an onerous chore, so shooting centerfire guns is not a problem.’
      • ‘Remington introduced the Model 8 during a time when the company was offering few new centerfire models.’
      • ‘Shooters looking for a .22 should select one compatible with their centerfire autopistol.’
      • ‘The same principles of examination apply to virtually any centerfire semi-automatic handgun, and using them properly and wisely will result in a used pistol you can be proud of.’
      • ‘The Model 1860 had a brass frame and loaded, not through a gate as subsequent centerfire leverguns, but rather through a tube from the front much like many of today's.22 leverguns.’
      • ‘It takes a pretty good centerfire service pistol to shoot 2’ groups at 25 yards.’
      • ‘Sigarms has brought forth a new single action centerfire target pistol, the first SIG-Sauer (as opposed to SIG Neuhausen) in that format.’
      • ‘To give you a brief rundown of the preceding, we now have pellet firing clones of such hugely popular centerfire autoloaders as the Colt Govt.’
      • ‘Gone was the heavy top strap, adjustable rear sight, and ramp style front sight all of which had been found on all Ruger centerfire Blackhawks since 1955.’
      • ‘During that time, if you wanted a centerfire Colt pistol, unless you had specific need of the.38 Super's ballistics, you by God wanted a .45.’
      • ‘Winchester's first centerfire levergun, the Model 1873.44 Winchester Centerfire was designed basically as a fighting weapon.’


  • A gun using a centerfire cartridge.

    • ‘To anyone used to shooting the centerfires, the experience of shooting a .17 Rem. for the first time boggles the mind.’
    • ‘Although you may own most of the centerfires, you'll get more beneficial practice and more pleasure from rimfire handguns than any other.’
    • ‘They start with centerfires - usually a loaner - and their interest in muzzleloading comes with time and experience.’
    • ‘Loading is the easiest of all tubular magazine centerfires for you can easily see the magazine follower or the base of the preceding cartridge and push it with the bullet of the next round.’
    • ‘Centerfires also are generally larger and capable of higher powered loads.’
    • ‘The.50-70 Government saw duty in the Springfield Trapdoor single-shot rifle from 1866 to 1873, the first centerfire in general U.S. military use.’
    • ‘While there's been a fad of late for one-upmanship in larger calibers, people who shoot 22 centerfires have known for decades that faster isn't always better.’
    • ‘Brooker said most women have heard that muzzleloading is complicated, messy and not as accurate as centerfires.’
    • ‘Only a few decades ago, single-shot centerfires were considered as dead as the Dodo by most hunters.’
    • ‘In 1955 there were just four bolt-action centerfires made in America, the Remington 721 / 722, Winchester 43 and 70, and Savage 340.’
    • ‘Tennessee is kicking around the idea to legalize 22 centerfires for deer hunting.’
    • ‘For most of us, our quiet-shooting rimfire rifles get as much if not considerably more use than our big centerfires.’