Definition of center stage in US English:

center stage


  • 1The center of a stage.

    • ‘So courtiers, listening to an amazing tale, sit down on the ground across center stage in a row, the talebearer getting down similarly opposite the front man in the lineup.’
    • ‘As each of four sets is pushed to centre stage, the garden's usurpation of the kitchen is delightfully revealed.’
    • ‘The attention felt odd as if I were an actress on center stage of an award winning play.’
    • ‘She was at center stage making her curtain call.’
    1. 1.1 The most prominent position.
      ‘oil remains at center stage, with demands for expanded drilling’
      • ‘A musical reliving the Dons' incredible European Cup-Winners' Cup triumph of 20 years ago will be taking centre stage in a Granite City theatre.’
      • ‘In this way, budding fashion designers who are not too keen on taking centre stage get a chance to ensure that their creative designs get all the appreciation and accolades.’
      • ‘Humanitarian concerns were taking centre stage.’
      • ‘Instead of addressing economic reform, Taiwan and economic control are taking centre stage.’
      • ‘Yet on polling night, he devoted only about a seventh of his programme to the US election, George Redmond's credulity-stretching performance taking centre stage.’
      • ‘The friends have spent a day taking centre stage in front of the cameras putting together a report for a new children's series called Up2U.’
      • ‘This is important because the private sector should be seen to be taking centre stage in our economy.’
      • ‘But it's Rory who is increasingly taking centre stage and his continued success has made his father realise he could go to the top.’
      • ‘Cheerleading is no longer on the sidelines at major sporting events; it is taking centre stage.’
      • ‘The ‘fog of war’ hid these concerns, but now they're taking centre stage.’
      • ‘It's May Day bank holiday and this year the VE Day anniversary celebrations are taking centre stage.’
      • ‘But one of the driving reasons Dubai is taking centre stage as the world's forceful new holiday destination is its unashamed consumerism.’
      • ‘A fairhaven schoolboy got his hands on one of the most famous pieces of silverware in football this week - and he'll be taking centre stage before 80,000 people at a major final next year.’
      • ‘Popular games that used to be tangible once upon a time have their duplicates taking centre stage now - be they card games, board games or even building blocks!’
      • ‘Taking centre stage at yesterday's press conference was Paul Burke who will start at out half in place of the injured Ronan O'Gara.’
      • ‘Taking centre stage over the two days is an array of tall ships from all over the world.’
      • ‘Dozens of new generation hockey players are taking centre stage in the next ten days at the second annual Peter Feasby Celebration Trophy tournament.’
      • ‘Earnings will continue to pour in with financials taking centre stage.’
      • ‘The Royal Horticultural Society's Wisley June Flower Show will be held from Tuesday to Thursday, with sweet peas and delphiniums taking centre stage.’
      • ‘The integrity of executives is taking centre stage, just as obscene rewards for them leaves it; longer-term value and the interests of employees are set to play a bigger role.’


  • 1At or toward the middle of a stage.

    ‘at the play's opening she stands center stage’
    • ‘He stands centre stage, raising his arms like a talented preacher.’
    • ‘She strides center stage, cheeks sagging with woe, and reads from a note card - great tragedy, brilliant talent, unrecoverable loss.’
    • ‘Regardless of what was happening centre stage, I was continually drawn to watch this character and to Mr. Poynder's unfaltering interpretation.’
    1. 1.1 In or toward the most prominent position.
      ‘Asian countries have moved center stage for world business’
      • ‘The prospect of "green" data centers has moved center stage.’
      • ‘Supply chain management has moved center stage largely because of globalization.’
      • ‘The city's seedy side has moved center stage.’


center stage

/ˈˌsen(t)ər ˈˌstāj/