Definition of center of gravity in US English:

center of gravity


  • A point from which the weight of a body or system may be considered to act. In uniform gravity it is the same as the center of mass.

    • ‘Wilson's Carl Scheie: The large head size has ‘worked’ for drivers because the tee height can be adjusted to compensate for higher centers of gravity inherent with large heads.’
    • ‘Mountain goats (which, despite their name, are more closely related to African antelopes than to the domestic goat) have low centers of gravity, strong calf muscles, and extremely deft feet.’
    • ‘However, we cannot draw a similar conclusion about the center of gravity of the edges, for centers of gravity of one-dimensional sets do not transform canonically.’
    • ‘The wires are attached to the harness with clamps, each individually adjusted, since even people of the same height and weight have different centers of gravity.’
    • ‘The gravitational control systems in the station were going haywire and centers of gravity were forming all over the station in a haphazard fashion.’
    • ‘With all that said, the power of the big men cannot really offset the quickness of the smaller guys with their lower centers of gravity.’
    • ‘His compositions resist clearly defined boundaries, stable centers of gravity and distinct focal points, not to mention restrictive meanings.’
    • ‘They have wide, flat forends and low centers of gravity which make them sit in the front and rear rests securely.’
    • ‘Unlike running backs, who generally have lower centers of gravity, receivers are leaner athletes who lack the muscle mass around the knees to withstand the proportionately high number of cuts the position requires.’
    • ‘They do, however, still possess vibrational energy, with the molecules vibrating about their fixed centers of gravity.’
    • ‘By calculating centers of gravity for different numbers of drilled pits and using those data to create a Markov matrix for each bounce, Pegg came up with the following results.’
    • ‘Larger tractors have higher centers of gravity and are easier to tip over.’
    • ‘Most of the regulars, who give us dirty looks when we collapse in hysterics over somebody's double gutter ball, have very low centers of gravity - they are shaped like bowling pins - and their bowling bags have wheels.’
    • ‘When performing the data reduction step, the resulting spheres were placed either at the centers of the hexagonal lattice cells or at their local centers of gravity as calculated from the mass distribution in each cell.’


center of gravity

/ˌsen(t)ər əv ˈɡravədē/