Definition of center of attention in US English:

center of attention


  • A person or thing that excites everyone's interest or concern.

    ‘the bride was the centre of attention’
    • ‘What is more, it belongs in that particular niche of the crime-fiction genre in which the puzzle is the overwhelming centre of attention.’
    • ‘Most geeks are introverted; they don't want to be the centre of attention.’
    • ‘Secretly, she liked when everyone looked at her - she loved being the center of attention.’
    • ‘He's a comic, for starters: it's a calling predicated on making oneself the centre of attention.’
    • ‘He loved being at the centre of attention and everyone was talking about him at his funeral.’
    • ‘O'Neill, unwittingly, was the centre of attention at a gathering designed to begin his new era with the media on friendly terms.’
    • ‘She liked to be the centre of attention just for one day.’
    • ‘In fact, he was in top shape and the centre of attention as usual.’
    • ‘Kayla turned around, always excited at the prospect of being the center of attention.’
    • ‘He won't be the centre of attention any more, and he may not like that, but there will be that consolation of playing in the Champions League.’
    highlight, main feature, high point, high spot, best part, climax
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