Definition of center-weighted metering in US English:

center-weighted metering


  • A mode of automatic light metering in a camera that compensates for differences in the brightness of the central and peripheral portions of the image.

    • ‘Other than if you have a specific reason to use center-weighted metering, you're probably better off generally using matrix metering in favour of center-weighted metering.’
    • ‘Variable center-weighted metering and a choice of five spot meters are available, as are exposure compensation, and auto exposure bracketing.’
    • ‘Partial metering is similar, except it covers a larger patch of the scene, but not as much as center-weighted metering.’
    • ‘These cameras also contain basic center-weighted metering as well as spot metering, with spot metering being a more sensitive area than center-weighted (similar to a 1º spot meter).’
    • ‘On the other hand, the results produced by center-weighted metering are very predictable, whereas matrix and evaluative metering modes have complicated algorithms which are harder to predict.’