Definition of censorial in US English:



  • See censor

    • ‘The Thatcher years were considered by the Press in this country (of all political persuasions) to be the most censorial of media freedoms since the 1600s.’
    • ‘Like last time around, Walser again said he was addressing freedom of expression; he claimed his book was about the censorial power wielded by the German literary and media establishment.’
    • ‘Kent says High suffered censorial woes because of the shift in thinking at the time.’
    • ‘These censorial measures not only prevent young people from learning, thinking, and exploring, they deprive them of critical information on subjects ranging from human rights and feminism to drugs and safer sex.’
    • ‘Many of Pasolini's films, with their anti-fascist voice, radical reformist ideals, and unbridled sexuality, were seized on moral grounds by higher censorial authorities, denounced as blasphemous and obscene.’