Definition of celly in US English:


(also cellie)


  • 1

    ‘Timmy whips out his celly to beep White Mike’
    another term for cellular phone
    • ‘Rasheed Wallace rolled in after the game started, walked onto the court and sat down on one of the benches, talking on his celly the whole time…’
    • ‘The celly vibrates, it's Shelblack: ‘Word up, I'm surfing in Waikiki and skating with Jay Adams.’’
    • ‘I got my celly out of my pocket and dialed Stacey's number.’
    • ‘He was grinding it again to get a good fide away when the wackest human ever appeared and stood in the line of fire with his celly and a condescending grin on his wack face.’
    • ‘I'm stranded on top of a building with an annoying little boy and a lame celly and I'm bored!’
  • 2(among prisoners) cellmate.

    • ‘My dangerous new celly's crime spree came to an abrupt end in 1995.’
    • ‘My new celly is a twenty-six year old lad called Long Island who brought with him from Florence some interesting books: he gave me F. Scott Fitzgerald's ‘Tender is the Night’.’
    • ‘So who do you think would make a good celly for Ogre?’
    • ‘Manny and his celly Scooby were stripped out and their entire cell property was confiscated for 3 days; much to the delight of most of my neighbours who enjoyed the spectacle.’
    • ‘My celly, David, is now a satisfied pill-popping inmate.’


By shortening and alteration.