Definition of celery seed in English:

celery seed


  • The seed of a plant related to the celery plant, with a celerylike flavor and aroma.

    • ‘She set the colander in the sink and said, ‘And now I add the marjoram and celery seed to the penne and toss it with the olive oil, right?’’
    • ‘Cover the tenderloin with the celery seed, and brown it briefly on all side in the rendered fat.’
    • ‘While that's going on, give the little tiny chickens a good coating of celery seed.’
    • ‘Cabbage, carrots, a simple vinaigrette and an ingenious hit of pulverized celery seed make this such a brilliant match for the earthy beans that the meat in between them is almost inconsequential.’
    • ‘Later in the season, when the flat-topped flower clusters form oblong seeds, I collect them to use like celery seed.’