Definition of celebration in US English:



  • The action of marking one's pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity.

    ‘the birth of his son was a cause for celebration’
    ‘a birthday celebration’
    • ‘It is a complete canvas of what is happening in the community and a kind of celebration of it.’
    • ‘It's the final morning and so in celebration we order the full Irish Breakfast from the comfort of our bed.’
    • ‘At first sight, this month's trade data do not seem a cause for celebration.’
    • ‘This promises to be a night of fun and celebration where an excellent year will be reviewed.’
    • ‘I know it is only my first session but the fact that I am doing it is a cause for celebration.’
    • ‘It therefore has no need of state sanctioned blessing, or indeed of any public form of celebration.’
    • ‘It was a time of great sadness for her family, but also one of celebration.’
    • ‘Bradford is gearing up to paint the town red in celebration of Comic Relief.’
    • ‘Last week there were no signs of celebration, with the families refusing to come out of their houses.’
    • ‘Today is a proud day in our history, one which is cause for considerable celebration.’
    • ‘Max Hastings's gripping book ought to be a tale of triumph, liberation and celebration.’
    • ‘I have no idea what to do to celebrate, or even if celebration is appropriate.’
    • ‘Sooner or later the rain looked like it was about to clear so we had to have another pint in celebration.’
    • ‘I take the mandolin from the wall and do a few strums in joyous celebration.’
    • ‘It seems the smaller the town the bigger the pride and the more the events of celebration.’
    • ‘For them celebration of her achievement is always mingled with recollections of their loss.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that on my birthday I take a slower, gentler approach to celebration.’
    • ‘We were simply there to paint the town red by way of celebration for Stuart's birthday.’
    • ‘Last weekend was a weekend of celebration as a number of people made the headlines.’
    • ‘As the new Archbishop of York left the ceremony, the bells of the Minster rang out in celebration.’
    commemoration, observance, honouring, salute to, marking, keeping
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Early 16th century: from Latin celebratio(n-), from the verb celebrare (see celebrate).