Definition of cel in English:



  • A transparent sheet of celluloid or similar film material, which can be drawn on and used in the production of cartoons.

    • ‘It suggests that animation may be the most effective medium at conveying Shakespeare's fantastical Forest of Arden, here depicted via oils painted directly onto acetate cels to create a wide range of vividly coloured settings.’
    • ‘When she grew up, Linda Jones thought she could make a little money by peddling cels of animated characters her father had drawn; today the business grosses more than $4 million a year and employs 26 people.’
    • ‘Computers would replace the archaic technique of creating an image on paper, transferring it to transparent cels and again onto film.’
    • ‘After leaving school at 15 he passed from one odd job to another before joining Larkins Studio at the age of 21, learning the rudiments, painting and tracing cels on productions made for the Film Producers Guild.’
    • ‘They pack incredible amounts of intricacy within small paint and ink cels.’
    • ‘A lot of tourists bought Bullwinkle cels and Rocky dolls there, unaware the guy with the handlebar mustache who was taking their money was Jay Ward.’
    • ‘For years, these objects were simply thrown away by production officials who saw the posters, animation cels and production drawings as clutter - not art.’
    • ‘If you've ever seen the basic cels of a cartoon from Disney or Warner Bros., you'll recognize the painstaking detail that has gone into these scenes.’
    • ‘Some collectors actually prefer this art over the slick, polished cels.’
    • ‘Additionally, it also includes original production cels.’
    • ‘I'm typically not a fan of including widgets with DVDs and labeling them ‘Special Features,’ but I did think it was awfully cool to get a film cel with this set.’
    • ‘Prices are relatively moderate because the show is still running and production cels are continually released.’
    • ‘Four extensive stills galleries featuring sketches, theatrical posters, promotional cards, and cels are included.’
    • ‘Animators made hundreds of sketches and watercolor background scenes for each cartoon and used dozens of hand-painted cels per second to capture each increment of a character's movements.’
    • ‘The package I received also contained an animated cel (not an original) in a cardboard frame.’
    • ‘Lisberger shot the film on 65 mm and back-lit individual film cels to achieve the ultra-sharp colour definition found in the computer world.’
    • ‘It offers a wide variety of paintings and fine art prints, original production animation art and cels, pre-Columbian pottery, antique porcelain, art glass, bronze and marble sculpture and estate jewelry.’
    • ‘Thus, the age of original, hand-painted production cels is over.’
    • ‘At Leigh's gallery in Soho, Dr. Seuss drawings share wall space with Snoopy paintings and original production cels of Wile E. Coyote and Tom and Jerry.’
    • ‘On their section of the L.A.P.D. site, they post pictures of items that have been stolen, ranging from Salvador Dali paintings to Peanuts cels.’


Mid 20th century: abbreviation of celluloid.