Definition of ceilometer in US English:



  • A device for measuring and recording the height of clouds.

    • ‘Our ceilometer observations of large numbers of birds near crests of ridges are particularly relevant in that regard.’
    • ‘Changes in diurnal census data were associated with specific patterns of nocturnal migratory behavior observed by radar and ceilometer.’
    • ‘Arrivals and departures of birds inferred from our diurnal visual census were clearly related to nocturnal flight behavior as observed with ceilometers and radar.’
    • ‘The distribution of all track directions observed with radar and ceilometers for all sites was bimodal with similar numbers of birds moving southsoutheast and southwest.’
    • ‘The combination of high-resolution radar, ceilometers, and daily ground counts at multiple sites provided a view of autumnal migration through complex topography at a resolution not previously attained in North America.’
    • ‘Radar and ceilometers revealed large numbers of migrants passing through our study area.’
    • ‘We made simultaneous observations with ceilometer and radar for one hour on all 30 nights with suitable weather from 28 August to 10 October 1992, starting one hour after civil sunset.’
    • ‘The lasers are also built into laser ceilometers that measure cloud height.’
    • ‘Numbers of birds detected with radar and ceilometers were highly correlated with each other, but were not significantly correlated with numbers of birds netted the next morning.’
    • ‘Direction and density of nocturnal migrants detected with radar and ceilometers were compared with changes in species counts from daily censuses.’