Definition of cavefish in US English:



  • A small colorless fish which lives only in limestone caves in North America. It has reduced or absent eyes, and the head and body are covered with papillae which are sensitive to vibration.

    Family Amblyopsidae: four genera, in particular Amblyopsis and Typhlichthys

    Also called blindfish
    • ‘Southern cavefish are important members of their ecosystems and important research subjects for understanding evolution in extreme environments.’
    • ‘When the Ozark cavefish was listed as endangered in 1984, over collection was listed as one of the primary threats.’
    • ‘Closed as a tourist attraction in 1943, Horse Cave has been successfully restored, even luring back the rare blind cavefish.’
    • ‘The Ozark cavefish and Ozark cave crayfish seem to be stable, although actual population sizes are unknown.’
    • ‘Researchers work in the dark caves where the Ozark cavefish evolved with no eyes.’