Definition of cave something in in US English:

cave something in

phrasal verb

  • Cause to collapse.

    ‘storms caved the roof in’
    ‘the car smashed into the front door and almost caved in the porch’
    • ‘Rodger also struck two bicyclists with his car, the second of whom caved in the car's windshield.’
    • ‘A crane had run into the back of her car, crushing the roof and boot and caving in the rear windscreen.’
    • ‘After the quake shook the house, knocking it off its foundation and caving in the porch they loved, they said they don't know if they can afford to stay.’
    • ‘Half of the three-story building was heavily damaged by the fire, which caved in the roof.’
    • ‘One man had his skull caved in.’
    • ‘It took the fire service 30 minutes to contain and extinguish the fire, which had caved the roof in and destroyed a car.’
    • ‘Problems apparently arose in February, when a heavy snowfall caved in the roof.’
    • ‘Your homeowner's policy will cover you if a tree blows down and caves the roof in.’