Definition of cavalcade in English:



  • A formal procession of people walking, on horseback, or riding in vehicles.

    • ‘It required a cavalcade of tow vehicles to get the motor cars back to the scrutineering area.’
    • ‘The Olympic flame had arrived in Britain at Heathrow Airport at 7am yesterday and was brought to Wimbledon in a cavalcade of cars.’
    • ‘Angry words erupted and the cavalcade was brought to a stop.’
    • ‘Rather than tour London in all his pomp, he will be whisked in a motor cavalcade numbering up to 30 vehicles, along the most direct and least visible of routes.’
    • ‘Scottish monarchs rode through the town in glittering cavalcades, and turbulent priests rubbed shoulders with noblemen in furs.’
    • ‘On Saturday, February 26 the colourful cavalcade of rally cars and their support vehicles will converge on the town of Portlaoise.’
    • ‘Three miles from London the cavalcade was greeted by a mass choir of 3000 scholars and clerks from the city which urged him on with a Te Deum laudamus.’
    • ‘Workaholic Yuwarat shrugs off the need for police cavalcades and security with a certain bravado: ‘I am not afraid of dying.’’
    • ‘A falconry display, dog agility show and a cavalcade of military vehicles, chiefly from the Second World War era, drew crowds of spectators.’
    • ‘Luckily it was summer and the traffic was terrible in the town, so I always managed to convince Mrs Barley that cavalcades of caravans and jack-knifed juggernauts were to blame for the absent hours I spent chatting in Terri's bedroom.’
    • ‘The applause swelled as members of the Royal Family left in the seven-car cavalcade, particularly when the young Princes William and Harry passed by.’
    • ‘During the six days of the visit he travelled from one end of the country to the other, taking part in miles of motor cavalcades and a succession of huge public services.’
    • ‘Mr Celoro was buried in a silver-coloured coffin after a motorcycle cavalcade formed his funeral procession.’
    • ‘Hardy travelers can join the next cavalcade on a 15-day journey carrying goods deep into the Thar Desert.’
    • ‘There was little enthusiasm to stand and wave flags as a cavalcade of horse boxes bumped past.’
    • ‘The procession included a cavalcade of 60 motorbikes and trikes ridden by friends and family of the grandfather-of-eight.’
    • ‘On a lighter note there will be a colourful fair, with stalls, minstrels, stilt walkers, jesters and jugglers and a cavalcade of colourful characters.’
    • ‘Most of the hour is a cavalcade of stars showing up live, via remote or pre-tape, to wish King a happy seventieth.’
    • ‘The cavalcade of bikers brought with them a special guest - Santa, who had a present for each child on the paediatric ward.’
    • ‘The cavalcade arrived back in Newry around 5pm to the sound of music from the public houses in Monaghan Street.’
    procession, parade, motorcade, carcade, cortège
    march, column, troop, file, train, caravan, retinue
    march past
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Late 16th century (denoting a ride or raid on horseback): from French, from Italian cavalcata, from cavalcare to ride based on Latin caballus horse.