Definition of causeless in US English:



  • See cause

    • ‘These last two arguments make the point that causality is necessary for the operation of morality in the world, and to introduce a causeless free will is to make the teaching of morality or its motivation by punishment or reward pointless.’
    • ‘Mr. Webster defines ‘freak’ as a sudden causeless change of mind, a whim of fancy, a vagary, a caprice.’
    • ‘Vivienne giggles, either at my apparently causeless laughter or at everybody else's response to it.’
    • ‘I am afraid that before long no one will be able to talk to me because I will burst into spontaneous, seemingly causeless laughter and that plus the sarcasm will irritate people and scare them away.’
    • ‘Lastly, I've had a recurring cough for the last seven or eight years, as well as experiencing dry heaving and seemingly causeless vomiting.’