Definition of causal in US English:



  • 1Relating to or acting as a cause.

    ‘the causal factors associated with illness’
    • ‘It implies a causal connection: you behaved like this and that was the result.’
    • ‘It is well established that this may be awarded in appropriate cases but a proper causal connection must be demonstrated.’
    • ‘There is no simple causal connection between uncertainty and economic weakness.’
    • ‘One of the gold standards in establishing causal relations between two factors is to show the dose dependent relation.’
    • ‘Passive smoking is now recognised as a causal factor in the onset of smoke-related illness.’
    • ‘Obesity is a causal factor in many serious conditions that affect the entire human body.’
    • ‘The problem can be overcome by using serum cholesterol concentration as an intermediate factor in the causal pathway.’
    • ‘However, Mr Cakebread told the court his clients believed there was a causal link between DVT and air travel.’
    • ‘There can be no causal connection between the two events, yet we experience their conjunction as meaningful.’
    • ‘Some defect in the regulation of the brain chemical serotonin, is also suspected to be a causal factor.’
    • ‘The causal relevance of social factors must be argued on a case-by-case basis.’
    • ‘It looks to see if there is a causal link or a causal connection.’
    • ‘I do think that in some cases stress is the causal factor, or the way the patient responds to stress is the problem.’
    • ‘The causal strength of various contributing factors would be assessed.’
    • ‘In some cases it seems that mental illness is a factor on the causal pathway between social position and suicide.’
    • ‘This could be down to any number of factors, however, but no causal effect has been proven as regards to the hormone shampoo.’
    • ‘If you deny that poverty is a causal factor in crime you need to supply an alternative hypothesis.’
    • ‘As a rule, complex social phenomena like racism cannot be explained in terms of a single causal factor.’
    • ‘Archaeologists are extremely cautious about making causal links between contemporaneous events.’
    • ‘Alcohol, speed and fatigue have been identified as the leading causal factors.’
    1. 1.1Logic Grammar Expressing or indicating a cause.
      ‘a causal conjunction’
      • ‘Let us start with the presupposition that causal determinism obtains.’
      • ‘Some have even maintained that causal statements can be analysed in terms of counterfactual conditionals.’
      • ‘And Aristotle is surely mistaken in asserting that knowledge is always causal.’
      • ‘The argument that Cheney did not intend the direct causal inference goes as follows.’
      • ‘This subjunctive condition is not unrelated to the causal condition.’


Late Middle English (as a noun denoting a causal conjunction or particle): from late Latin causalis, from Latin causa ‘cause’.