Definition of Caudata in US English:


plural noun

  • another term for Urodela
    • ‘Thus, we only discuss the results of inferences about the lifestyle of early stegocephalians using the reduced Caudata model.’
    • ‘All these taxa are relevant to the history of the conquest of land by vertebrates because they are outside the large clades of extant tetrapods (Apoda, Caudata, Anura, Mammalia, Testudines, Sauria).’
    • ‘We suspected that the relatively high error rate of the model based on all lissamphibians resulted from differences in body proportions between Anura and Caudata.’
    • ‘Living amphibians include three orders: Anura, Caudata, and Gymnophiona (caecilians).’
    • ‘There is no controversy as what is or is not a caudate, although some family definitions remain troubling, and there is still considerable disagreement over the identity of suborders within Caudata.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Latin cauda ‘tail’.