Definition of caudal fin in US English:

caudal fin


  • another term for tail fin
    • ‘Around 2.5m in length at a maximum, it is often smaller and easily recognised by its broad head, two large dorsal fins and a caudal fin that represents around one quarter of the whole body length.’
    • ‘They have no eyelids, and all species have four fingers on each forelimb, five toes on each hind limb, and caudal fins.’
    • ‘Another physical characteristic of the brook trout is an adipose fin and a caudal fin that is slightly forked.’
    • ‘They have distinct black markings on the ends of their fins, particularly the first dorsal and caudal fins.’
    • ‘Three fins in particular are observed to work together in a coordinated way during swimming: the pectoral fin, the caudal fin and the dorsal fin.’