Definition of cattleman in US English:



North American
  • A person who tends or rears cattle.

    • ‘Cattle producers, he said, should have been thinking of themselves as beef producers first, not cattlemen.’
    • ‘In my last ten years living in south Texas I have heard and seen lots of people calling themselves cowboys, cowmen and cattlemen etc., while peering out of the GMC truck windshield.’
    • ‘At the next table a herd of cattlemen raved about the roast Woodville duck.’
    • ‘The young rancher who filed his complaint is the same cattleman who lost twelve cattle last March.’
    • ‘That was how he had learned the finer points of cattle rearing from the Yadavas, the best cattlemen in Aryavarta.’
    • ‘The cattlemen were eating slabs of mealie meal and oil in a cabbage relish, but really it was too hot for food, so we were just resting, letting our limbs hang loose in the humidity.’
    • ‘The conflict between a group of free grazing cattlemen and a wealthy, unscrupulous rancher lies at the center of Open Range.’
    • ‘My father was a cattleman / sheepman and business owner.’
    • ‘‘It's about as dry as I ever saw it,’ says John Redman, a grain farmer and cattleman who belongs to MFA and trades at Wheeler's store and elevator.’
    • ‘Almost since that Act was passed, American farmers and cattlemen have been asking for it to be properly enforced.’
    • ‘But consumer groups, allied with many U.S. ranchers and cattlemen, want the labeling to begin on schedule.’
    • ‘During the World Cup soccer series, the cattlemen and stockmen in Queensland and the Northern Territory cheered throughout for South Korea to win!’
    • ‘In 1950, cattlemen on the border between the Northern Territory and Queensland claimed losing stock to a strange beast which left mutilated, half-eaten corpses in its destructive wake.’
    • ‘In the 1880s, as cattle herds spread onto northern ranges, cowboys and cattlemen congregated in Cheyenne.’
    • ‘These same cattlemen are raising a great cry which, so far, has made sure Canadian cattle stay on their own side of the 49th parallel.’
    • ‘Aside from his publishing interests, Mr. von Rosen was also a cattleman and rancher in Oklahoma and Illinois.’
    • ‘The finding of an infected cow in Washington States has done little to alleviate Canadian cattlemen's worries or market woes’
    • ‘So why are US cattlemen still paying the punishing price of having their $3 billion beef export market closed around the globe?’
    • ‘By 1925, the Bureau of Indian Affairs had leased nearly all of the San Carlos Reservation to non-Indian cattlemen, who demonstrated no concern about overgrazing.’
    • ‘His local Farm Credit Services office offered seminars on assistance programs available to cattlemen, and plans a future session for crop producers if more programs become available.’