Definition of cattle guard in US English:

cattle guard


  • A metal grid covering a ditch, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to pass over but not cattle and other animals.

    • ‘The temporary cattle grids, which are a barrier to sheep but not traffic, will be removed when the threat of foot-and-mouth has passed.’
    • ‘You would drive over a number of cattle grids, would you not?’
    • ‘Mrs Wheeler said: ‘One of the sheep was so frightened it jumped out of the field, across a cattle grid, across a busy road and into someone's garden.’’
    • ‘As I drove up to the entrance through cattle guards I obeyed the speed limit and started to look around.’
    • ‘The new cattle grids have been installed on the Waylands path but disabled people are experiencing difficulties with the gates.’
    • ‘Roads design has provided a design proposal for upgrading of the county road and the design of cattle grids in response to some of the other submissions.’
    • ‘Colin Green, environmental adviser at Severn Trent Water, said he had the idea for the ladder after seeing how special ladders helped trapped hedgehogs escape after falling down a cattle grid.’
    • ‘Thankfully, none of them were injured, despite the fact that several of them had crossed cattle guards and been very close to numerous barbed wire fences.’
    • ‘The national park authority has installed temporary cattle grids in the Esk Valley which, together with fencing and permanent grids near Castleton, will create sheep-free areas for visitors.’
    • ‘Baildon gardeners should take heart from news that a cattle grid and fence may be erected to stop animals from Baildon Moor straying on to their land.’
    • ‘Peter Barfoot, head of advisory services at the park authority, says money is the main obstacle to installing more cattle grids.’
    • ‘You need a car for all those adventures because public transport ends where the cattle guards begin.’
    • ‘Applecross is in a National Park and there is only one road into the village, with cattle grids a shade too narrow for the mobile home to pass over.’
    • ‘This cattle guard is inexpensive and can be moved easily.’
    • ‘Pass through a latch gate by a lodge and then over the cattle grid to follow the access track down to the ticket booth near the main driveway entrance to the estate.’
    • ‘After a kissing gate by a cattle grid, the track rises up towards Buchan.’
    • ‘They were actually hemmed in by cattle grids at each end of the village, he pointed out - and there were disinfectant mats at each entrance to prevent the spread of infection.’
    • ‘Follow the path back to the road above the cattle grid.’
    • ‘The first cattle grids in the West Riding were installed on the moors above Carleton, attended by a large delegation of surveyors and farmers keen to see how they worked.’
    • ‘She still has a nervous feeling every time she crosses a cattle grid, because it reminds her of the cattle grid at the entrance to White Lodge.’