Definition of cattery in US English:



  • A boarding or breeding establishment for cats.

    • ‘And the cats both survived the stay in the cattery without too many ill effects.’
    • ‘In south Wales, for instance, it operates an imaginative scheme with a local cattery, whereby unwanted books are shredded for use as cat litter.’
    • ‘There were a lot more stables, now there are only five, and there's a new cattery and a new set of kennels.’
    • ‘After being made redundant, Daphne decided to act upon her dream to create a boarding kennels and cattery at her home.’
    • ‘I was thinking that some day, when I start my cattery (like a cat kennel), I'll put an aquarium in there and write it off on my taxes as a business expense.’
    • ‘An appeal was launched yesterday to raise £150,000 for a new cattery in Halifax dedicated to an RSPCA inspector who died in a shooting accident last year.’
    • ‘If you are moving house, put your cat in a cattery during the move and then initially confine it to a small area of the house to make it feel secure.’
    • ‘They want plans to include a cattery, wildlife hospital, kennels and visitors' centre.’
    • ‘It is licensed for kittens older than 16 weeks; kittens, especially those in catteries and multicat households, have already been exposed to FIP by this age.’
    • ‘A heartbroken family were reunited with their beloved moggie when it returned from a nine-week stint in the wilderness after escaping from a York cattery.’
    • ‘Then after their first vaccination at seven to eight weeks they live inside the house and mum goes back down to the main cattery.’
    • ‘An appeal to pay for new kennels and a cattery at the RSPCA's state-of-the-art animal centre in Redcross Street, is starting to pull in cash.’
    • ‘In dire emergency of course, she could stay in a boarding cattery for a few days but in our judgement she'd not take kindly to that, wouldn't eat, and would be severely upset by the time we collected her.’
    • ‘The couple's budget is too small to realise their dream of expanding the haven to include new kennels, a cattery, an education centre and a hospital but they keep hoping for a windfall.’
    • ‘We'll be sad to see them go into the cattery during our honeymoon but we know they'll be well looked after there.’
    • ‘Also, contact a local breeders club, and ask for a list of reputable kennels or catteries.’
    • ‘Mrs Spencer also hopes that they will be able to wander in a huge enclosure that is to be set out on the site of a former Dutch barn next to the cattery.’
    • ‘Julie, his partner who also works at the SSPCA said: ‘Sligo desperately needs its own cattery.’’
    • ‘Many times I've watched in fascination as a doe approached the yard of the cattery and touched noses with a cat through the mesh in a charming cross-species greeting.’
    • ‘Elaine and John Culf are celebrating after their boarding cattery was judged one of the top three in the country.’