Definition of cattail in US English:



  • A tall, reedlike marsh plant with a dark brown, velvety cylindrical head of numerous tiny flowers.

    Genus Typha, family Typhaceae: several species, in particular the common cattail (T. latifolia)

    Also called reed mace, bulrush
    • ‘The lowland is lush with cattails and willows, and an osprey nest suggests the presence of trout.’
    • ‘It gives good control of cattails and other emergent aquatic plants as well as woody plants growing on the shorelines.’
    • ‘The herbaceous vegetation would have been rich and diverse, including, for example, cattail, buttonbush, numerous sedges, grasses and rushes, and bushy willows and alder.’
    • ‘As mentioned earlier, large areas of cattails and other aquatic plants also will encourage muskrat activity.’
    • ‘Water plants abound, including a cattail, a realistic palm tree, and other vegetation.’
    • ‘And, if you plant local aquatic species (such as the common cattail or sweet flag) in a drainage ditch or under a downspout, they act as a natural filter for pesticides in the water.’
    • ‘Like beavers, muskrats build lodges out of sticks, twigs, cattails and bulrushes, reinforcing them with mud.’
    • ‘Plants like cattails, bulrushes, jewelweed, and the lovely cardinal flower do best with alternating wet and dry periods, and survive flooding as long as most of the leaves are out of the water.’
    • ‘By repeatedly removing the leaves on cattail plants, the food supply in the underground tuber will be depleted and the plant will eventually die.’
    • ‘The nest was surrounded by cattails and was constructed of year-old cattail leaves and stems.’