Definition of catsuit in US English:



  • A woman's jumpsuit, typically close-fitting and covering the body from the neck to the feet.

    • ‘Now, I'm generally of the opinion that catsuits look best on taller people - say, five-foot-eight or better.’
    • ‘Pencil skirts, pedal pushers (with black vinyl bottoms on a mock croc print), catsuits and zipped jackets combine to form a strong urban theme.’
    • ‘The audience was woo-hooing lustily before the women, all in their 40s and still rocking in tight black leather catsuits and beehive hairdos, were even finished tuning up.’
    • ‘While the others were leaping around in Union Jack mini-dresses or leopardskin catsuits, flashing tattoos and tongue studs, she was usually lurking in the background.’
    • ‘Despite their number-one album, Permission to Land, their dramatic stage style complete with catsuits and spaceships meant that no one could decide whether they were serious or a comedy act.’
    • ‘She grinned as she laid out her new outfit; it was a latex catsuit, complete with built-in socks for her feet, and gloves for her hands.’
    • ‘Balding skinny fellows in catsuits with a grin straight from The Big Book Of British Smiles don't normally do it for me.’
    • ‘Wearing a PVC catsuit soul singer Anish Harrison will be in Swindon centre on Saturday, April 2, to mark Animal Aid's Horse Racing Awareness Week.’
    • ‘Various hairdressers, tattoo artists and other businesses have worked in the shop and the 1960s vintage costume hire, which specialises in mint condition catsuits, Sergeant Pepper outfits and pristine suits, has done well.’
    • ‘The men donned spangly tights, glitter catsuits and bouffant wigs to get the party started and the marquee was packed to bursting point for the whole evening.’
    • ‘My little sister had loads of ponchos and catsuits.’
    • ‘I don't even like catsuits - but I like hers, so I'm going to get another one.’
    • ‘Some of these ideas will become part of the fabric of our lives; others, in retrospect, will look as unlikely as the futuristic silver catsuits paraded in 1960s films.’
    • ‘By night, he is Axle Grinder Man, a caped crusader who prowls the streets in a blue catsuit and gold boots, ‘liberating ‘clamped cars.’’
    • ‘Some time ago I spent £2,000 on a leather catsuit that the person I was with said was amazing, but it's not the sort of outfit you can wear just anywhere.’
    • ‘The straight-talker pulled out a stage catsuit, looked at him in disbelief and said: ‘Rob, you don't honestly wear this, do you?’’
    • ‘In the past Harvey's appearance has generated worries about her health after she appeared stick-thin in the mid-nineties and accentuated her wiry frame with tight catsuits.’
    • ‘Expect all the hits from the film as the cast transport you back to the days of leather jackets, skin tight catsuits, hipsters and squares.’
    • ‘Everyone loved my Imp of Satan catsuits - I wore a red one Friday night and a silver one Saturday night.’