Definition of cathodic in US English:



  • See cathode

    • ‘Researchers determined the optimum potential for switching the photocurrent to be - 0. 05V, where the anodic and cathodic photocurrents are about the same.’
    • ‘Although the actual chemical reactions taking place within a battery are very complex, the major cathodic and anodic reactions can be idealized based on a knowledge of the parts of a battery and their electrochemical function.’
    • ‘There are three broad classes of corrosion-inhibiting admixtures, using different chemical mechanisms to control oxidation and the resulting corrosion - anodic inhibitors, cathodic inhibitors, and organic inhibitors.’
    • ‘Welds made with these electrodes are cathodic to the base metal and thus resist galvanic corrosion.’
    • ‘Stainless steels are positioned towards the cathodic end of the galvanic series in seawater.’