Definition of cathodal in US English:



  • See cathode

    • ‘Two different regions of activity were identified for DIA, from which only the most cathodal was consistently interpreted.’
    • ‘In all experiments, the anodal and cathodal solutions were identical and comprised 10 mM Tris buffer at pH 6.3 or pH 8.5 together with additional electrolytes as described below.’
    • ‘Interestingly, one sample had increased polyclonal, cathodal IgG, probably of the IgG, subclass; the AMCVs for this sample were relatively high (and higher than those for most IgG MC).’
    • ‘Stimulation parameters consisted of 0.5 ms trains of rectangular, cathodal pulses, 0.1 ms in duration, provided by a constant-current amplifier.’
    • ‘The genetic interpretation of the relative mobility for the observed bands led us to assign an ‘a’ to the most anodal allele, and a letter following the alphabetic sequence to each subsequent cathodal allele.’