Definition of catheterize in English:



  • Insert a catheter into (a patient or body cavity)

    • ‘The right lower forelimb vein was catheterized for intravenous infusion of Ringer's lactate.’
    • ‘An 86 year old man who had had a transurethral prostatectomy in 1985 was catheterised for acute urinary retention and allowed home with a catheter in situ.’
    • ‘He presented to his local emergency department the next evening with acute urinary retention and was catheterised and admitted to a urological ward.’
    • ‘As part of the surgeon's criteria for total joint replacements, I catheterized the patient intraoperatively after anesthesia with intubation.’
    • ‘The pulmonary artery and left atrium were catheterized and continuously perfused with a solution of 3% bovine serum albumin in buffered physiologic salt solution.’