Definition of Catharism in US English:



  • See Cathar

    • ‘Whether, as has been conjectured, an ancient stratum of peasant materialism or an underground current of Catharism provided the interpretive framework for his reading cannot be determined.’
    • ‘Scholastics' responses to Catharism in particular drew extensively on their concept of the natural law.’
    • ‘Incidentally, it has always seemed strange to me that modern New Agers and others are attracted to Catharism, with its uncompromising rejection of our world.’
    • ‘Known as Catharism (from the Greek katharos: purity), it held that the world of God was the world of the spirit, while the material world, the world of time, was the realm of the Devil.’
    • ‘But in the end, the defeat of Catharism in the south of France was achieved through the extension of royal authority to the area and the establishment of the Inquisition, which was used to brutally root out the heresy.’