Definition of cater-cornered in English:


(also cater-corner)

adjective & adverb

North american
  • Situated diagonally opposite someone or something.

    [as adverb] ‘apartments in the renovated building cater-cornered from the church’
    ‘parking is available cater-corner to the restaurant’
    [as adjective] ‘a cater-cornered shortcut’
    ‘there were two young women across from me in cater-corner seats’
    oblique, sloping, at an angle, angled, not straight, on an incline, inclined, tilting, tilted, atilt, slanted, aslant, slantwise, diagonal, canted, cambered, leaning, dipping, shelving, listing
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Mid 19th century: from dialect cater diagonally from cater denoting the four on dice, from French quatre four from Latin quattuor.