Definition of catenation in US English:



  • See catenated

    • ‘These lower bands corresponded to species of reduced degrees of catenation.’
    • ‘A model that assumes that both the G- and T-segments belong to a continuous DNA stretch interacting with the enzyme cannot explain, however, catalysis of the catenation / decatenation reaction by DNA gyrase.’
    • ‘Microconidia are formed from phialides in false heads by basipetal division, the developmental mode from the apex toward the base without catenation of cells.’
    • ‘Next to carbon, boron probably has the richest chemistry with regard to catenation, which is the formation of chains of atoms of the same element.’
    • ‘It was shown also that the same critical concentration of spermidine induces aggregation and catenation of DNA rings by topoisomerases.’