Definition of categorize in English:



  • Place in a particular class or group.

    ‘odors have been categorized into only seven basic groups’
    • ‘Students are now categorised by class as rigorously as nobles at the court of Louis XIV.’
    • ‘These children from various pockets of the State have been categorised into seven groups.’
    • ‘Several classifications are used to categorize individual apple trees.’
    • ‘It helps us sort through and categorize our mail, ensuring your suggestion isn't lost in the shuffle.’
    • ‘The Muslims in India are categorized into two distinct classes based on their origins.’
    • ‘There are numerous ways to classify and categorize pain responses in people.’
    • ‘I can categorise the items on the list, which is good.’
    • ‘Freight was categorised into seven classes, which were analysed using several variables.’
    • ‘LSI goes the other way round and first focuses on knowing and analyzing a document exhaustively before indexing or categorizing it.’
    • ‘Instead, Rolls lists and categorizes foods by their energy density.’
    • ‘I forgot to mention in the last newsletter that I also use folders to categorize my files as well.’
    • ‘Feist falls into the ‘credible easy listening’ pigeonhole, if you must insist on categorising her music.’
    • ‘One activity sheet requires a group of parents to categorise a list of sex words into polite, neutral, clinical and rude/offensive.’
    • ‘I notice that the Guardian's weekly listings guide now categorises Islington cinemas under ‘Central London’.’
    • ‘He was found in possession of crack cocaine, which is categorized as a class A drug.’
    • ‘I decided that I need to categorise it in order to try to understand.’
    • ‘The DPRK formally categorizes its citizens into 51 classes.’
    • ‘Everything is ranked, classed and categorised for easy digestion in a vain attempt to bring forth order from chaos.’
    • ‘We often make sense of other people by categorizing them into labels and boxes that we ourselves feel comfortable with.’
    • ‘The list is categorized and is a great reference when you are looking for help!’
    classify, class, group, grade, rate, designate, label, tag, brand
    order, arrange, sort, rank, type, break down
    file, catalogue, list, tabulate, index, assign, pigeonhole
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