Definition of categoric in US English:



  • See categorical

    • ‘We're not going to massage things or spin things, we are going to be absolutely categoric about what we do, how much it would cost and where the finance will come from.’
    • ‘The comparative newness of the contaminated land regime and the complexity involved in the process means local authorities are not in a position to give a categoric view or opinion.’
    • ‘That was the question which seemed to linger despite Livingston's categoric assertion that David Hay's appointment as head coach, confirmed before the game, would not entail team selection duties.’
    • ‘Can you give a categoric assurance to the House that pipelines carrying that level of untreated gas are safe?’
    • ‘In a dark day for Labour campaign strategists, the one bright moment for No 10 was that Gordon Brown leapt to Mr Blair's defence and delivered a lucid and categoric defence of his old comrade.’