Definition of catechol in US English:



  • A crystalline compound obtained by distilling catechu.

    Alternative name: benzene-1,2-diol; chemical formula: C₆H₄(OH)₂

    • ‘This surprised the researchers, because their previous work had suggested that the intestinal enzyme catechol - O methyltransferase played a big part in digesting flavanols, and they expected to see more O methylation going on.’
    • ‘So the problem was how to change this catechol without affecting the drug's ability to interact at the receptor.’
    • ‘To determine this, we crossed acd5 with a well-characterized transgenic plant harboring the nahG gene, whose product metabolizes SA to the inactive catechol.’
    • ‘Similarly, the peroxidase activity was assayed from the oxidation of catechol by H 2 O 2 in presence of the extract.’
    • ‘Acrolein, hydroquinone, catechol, and benzo- [a] pyrene have demonstrated immunosuppressive effects in cell and animal models.’


Late 19th century: from catechu + -ol.