Definition of catchlight in US English:



  • A gleam of reflected light in the eye of a person in a photograph.

    • ‘The one metre square reflector will also impart catchlights to eyes to make them sparkle as well.’
    • ‘White umbrellas give the best catchlights in the eye and are the preferred choice for high key portraits with light backgrounds, where some spill won't be noticed.’
    • ‘A ‘catchlight’ is the reflection in the eye from nearly any direct light source - and it can be from window light as well.’
    • ‘Having large catchlights in the eyes brings your attention to the eyes, and then to the portrait as a whole.’
    • ‘The print would then copied to produce a negative with catchlights which would then be reprinted.’
    • ‘Without catchlights the eyes look too dark and recessed, giving the eyes a lifeless look.’
    • ‘So, what to do if your speedlight's maximum range is not enough to create catchlights in your subject's eyes?’
    • ‘When used at the optimum height and distance the catchlights in models’ eyes are amazing.’
    • ‘She took advantage of the midday sun here and captured some amazing catchlights in these photos.’
    • ‘Depending on your subject, the height of the light may need to raised or lowered to get the catchlights in the eyes.’
    ignite, catch light, burst into flames, go up in flames, begin to burn
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