Definition of catch someone's eye in US English:

catch someone's eye


  • 1Be noticed by someone.

    ‘a vase on a side table caught his eye’
    • ‘How often have you bought a book you'd never heard of, just because it caught your eye in the bookshop?’
    • ‘Her attention was swayed as a beautiful blue vase caught her eye.’
    • ‘Nobody is going to pay attention to your online store unless something catches their eye.’
    • ‘Hop on and off all day long, stopping to see the attractions that catch your eye.’
    • ‘It was the notice about the Italian Cookery School that caught my eye.’
    • ‘In addition to his general argument I'd draw attention to two other stories that caught my eye.’
    • ‘Even with all these people shouting and pushing and moving, only one thing caught Matthew 's eye: a small shop on the corner of a road across from where he was standing.’
    • ‘But it was Jessica who caught their eye with her poise and confidence.’
    • ‘Groups of people were browsing their way through the many beer tents trying whatever caught their eye.’
    • ‘I love restaurants that run out of things - it guarantees freshness and at the same time it dares you to return on a different day to savour the treat that first caught your eye.’
  • 2Attract someone's attention by making eye contact.

    ‘I caught Rhoda's eye and gave her a friendly wave’
    • ‘My friend and I had a very attentive waiter who replenished our drinks as soon as we caught his eye.’
    • ‘Floyd caught my eye for a moment and winked before turning his attention back to Katie.’
    • ‘I caught Milton 's eye again, and he was grinning ear to ear.’
    • ‘When she caught his eye, she noticed his lip was trembling, trying to keep the tears in.’
    • ‘After a few minutes she noticed Mrs. Dobbs trying to catch her eye, and so she returned the glance.’
    • ‘He didn't even notice when she stopped and tried to catch his eye.’
    • ‘I looked up to see what he was talking about and caught Tim 's eye.’
    • ‘I looked at him hoping to catch his eye but he looked past me without really noticing.’
    • ‘She told officers she noticed him looking at her and when she caught his eye he immediately crossed the road, grabbed her by the arms and started trying to kick her legs from under her.’
    • ‘I tried to catch his eye, but, although he noticed me, he seemed uninterested in even acknowledging me, let alone starting in conversation.’