Definition of catch up in English:

catch up

phrasal verb

  • 1Succeed in reaching a person who is ahead of one.

    • ‘Her hopes of a medal were effectively dashed when she made slight contact with a barrier and used her final efforts trying to catch the bronze-medal group.’
    • ‘There was almost an element of teasing the pursuing Gary Smith, for the centre-half came close to catching the fleet-footed striker.’
    • ‘However, once he got to third, Harvey and Templeman were just too far ahead for Westbrook to catch them.’
    • ‘He says the people of Poland must work hard because they have a struggle ahead to catch the other countries of the West.’
    • ‘You don't want them looking at the table and thinking: Chelsea are too far ahead for us to catch them.’
    • ‘Could I run out to the fields and tell the boys fast enough for them to catch Hector before he reached town?’
    • ‘The winner, ridden by Chris McCarron, caught the Irish horse in the run in and came out in front.’
    • ‘Nearing Poer Head, Conor and Denise Phelan in Endeavour managed to catch them but could not pass clear ahead.’
    • ‘Lavan chases after Yaakov and upon catching him accuses Yaakov of stealing his Terafim.’
    • ‘He was unable to catch the Briton ahead of him.’
    • ‘I headed to the Myers house; I wasn't fast enough to catch Theo before he headed inside so I knocked on the door.’
    • ‘He caught them with little effort, looked at them, and then smiled wide showing plenty of teeth.’
    1. 1.1Do work or other tasks that one should have done earlier.
      ‘he normally used the afternoons to catch up on paperwork’
      • ‘The justices added he would not be tagged the days he was at college and that meant he would have plenty of time at home to catch up on his work.’
      • ‘Public holidays are when I catch up on household chores and visit my ailing parents.’
      • ‘I sat down after dinner to catch up on correspondence but found my eyes drooping almost immediately.’
      • ‘I really have to catch up on my email, you know what it's like when you're out of the office for a few days.’
      • ‘Oh, and there's a backlog of domestic and business stuff to catch up on.’
      • ‘Monday saw me back at work; I hit the ground running as there was quite a bit to catch up on.’
      • ‘It's amazing how much I have to catch up on considering I've been absent for such a short time.’
      • ‘I like having the place to myself, though I have a bunch of housework to catch up on.’
      • ‘Work is settling down though I still have quite a few things to catch up on after the trip.’
      • ‘I am never on top of my work and forever trying to catch up on paper work.’