Definition of catamount in US English:


(also catamountain)


North American
  • A medium-sized or large wild cat, especially a cougar.

    • ‘Mountain lions are known by more than 100 names, including panther, catamount, cougar, painter and puma.’
    • ‘The researchers want to determine whether this slice of the Santa Monica Mountains can sustain a healthy population of the lions, which are also called pumas, catamounts, and cougars.’
    • ‘Many of them were among endangered species which are protected by the government, such as catamounts and tigers.’
    • ‘Cougar, puma, mountain lion, catamount, panther - by any name, this big cat has inspired wilderness lovers across the country.’
    • ‘Most can imagine what a mountain lion/puma/cougar/mountain devil / catamount (just in case you only recognize one) looks like.’
    • ‘Known by many names - puma, cougar, catamount, panther - this large feline predator was once wide-spread throughout much of North America.’
    • ‘They were given different names: Klan-dagi by some native peoples, while others have called them panther, catamount, mountain lion, puma, among other names.’
    • ‘But, had never known that ‘couger’ is tantamount to catamount.’


Late Middle English (as catamountain): from the phrase cat of the mountain.