Definition of catalytic converter in English:

catalytic converter


  • A device incorporated in the exhaust system of a motor vehicle, containing a catalyst for converting pollutant gases into less harmful ones.

    • ‘This contrasts with competing lean burn high-pressure direct injection systems which require a catalytic converter with a NOx trap to control emissions.’
    • ‘The feat was achieved by moving the catalytic converters closer to the exhaust manifold, allowing quicker warm-up times, and improved recirculation of exhaust gas to ensure more complete combustion.’
    • ‘The catalytic converter reduced pollution by converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and water.’
    • ‘It introduces minute quantities of catalysts, as found in exhaust catalytic converters, into the engine's combustion chamber, where they help the fuel to burn more completely.’
    • ‘There is also a hydrocarbon absorptive catalyst in the catalytic converter to clean up tailpipe emissions.’
    • ‘Platinum is used mostly in catalytic converters for vehicular pollution control.’
    • ‘It comes with a catalytic converter for cleaner exhaust emission.’
    • ‘To meet these standards, automakers introduced catalytic converters - devices that are attached to the exhaust system just behind the manifold.’
    • ‘Mandated pollution-control technologies, such as scrubbers in smokestacks or catalytic converters in motor vehicle engines, are another.’
    • ‘The application with which most people are likely to be familiar is in catalytic converters in automobile exhaust systems.’
    • ‘Auto parts like the auto bumpers, carpets, lights, car wheels, mirrors, spoilers and catalytic converters can bring more life to your everyday driving.’
    • ‘The leaking valves need sorting out fairly soon as the catalytic converter in the exhaust system is not designed to cope with oil fumes, which are much thicker and heavier than petrol fumes.’
    • ‘In my view, demand for platinum is unlikely to wane unless viable substitutes can be found for the production of catalytic converters to control harmful car emissions.’
    • ‘Most modern automobiles are equipped with catalytic converters that treat engine exhaust before it leaves the car.’
    • ‘A new high-flow exhaust system adds close coupled catalytic converters, which removes the need for double-walled exhaust pipes.’
    • ‘The report explores incentives aimed at scrapping older vehicles, reducing the costs of particulate traps, and retrofitting catalytic converters in both the private and commercial fleets.’
    • ‘This then enables the use of catalytic converters and particle traps on exhaust pipes to remove the remaining ultra-fine carbon particles.’
    • ‘Finally the redesigned exhaust system brings the catalytic converters closer to the engine for faster light-off.’
    • ‘Automakers are developing equipment for diesel engines that would operate like a catalytic converter to clean up tailpipe emissions.’
    • ‘These include oil and fuel pumps, transmissions, thermal management of underhood electronics, catalytic converters, intake and exhaust manifolds and interior cabin air circulation.’


catalytic converter

/kadəˌlidik kənˈvərdər//kædəˌlɪdɪk kənˈvərdər/