Definition of catabolic in US English:



  • See catabolism

    • ‘During catabolic stress intracellular glutamine levels can drop more than 50 percent, and it is under these circumstances that supplemental glutamine becomes necessary.’
    • ‘There they are converted to fatty acids, amino acids, and glycogen, or else oxidized by the various catabolic pathways of cells.’
    • ‘There are thus a number of different requirements for mitochondrial metabolism, ranging from biosynthesis to catabolic processes that may or may not result in ATP synthesis.’
    • ‘Alanine and glutamine account for about 80% of the amino acids released from skeletal muscle during catabolic periods such as intense training or injury.’
    • ‘You can help prevent your body from becoming catabolic by supplying it with all the necessary nutrients at the time when it needs them the most - during intense workouts.’