Definition of CAT scan in US English:

CAT scan


  • An X-ray image made using computerized axial tomography.

    • ‘I was strapped to a gurney by the paramedics and rushed to emergency for x-rays and a CAT scan.’
    • ‘Specialized X-rays called CAT scans of the top of a fossil thigh bone show clear evidence that the creature walked upright, like pre-humans, and not like apes, the researchers said.’
    • ‘We'll need to run a CAT scan to see exactly what is on your brain, and also some other quick painless tests.’
    • ‘A recent CAT scan demonstrated that Dice's surgically repaired left knee is 90 percent healed.’
    • ‘There have been significant new diagnostic tools, such as X-ray imagery, CAT scans, mammography, and sonograms, to mention only a few.’


CAT scan