Definition of cat burglar in US English:

cat burglar


  • A thief who enters a building by climbing to an upper story.

    • ‘An attempted robbery by a female cat burglar was thwarted when she was trapped by a resident, the Central Local Court heard recently.’
    • ‘Where antiques are stolen it is often not a case of a cat burglar arriving at 2am, it is guys driving large removal vans up the driveway in broad daylight.’
    • ‘She added that Jack is also an expert cat burglar and if he is out at night and sees an open skylight he cannot resist the temptation.’
    • ‘A high-tech cat burglar is invading the apartments of young women.’
    • ‘If this guy were a cat burglar, he'd practically be leaving a business card at the scene of the crime.’
    • ‘This is a cat burglar willing to go in at night, take what he wants.’
    • ‘Your fingertips contain oil, which is why you leave fingerprints on surfaces when you touch them, and why cat burglars always wear gloves in the movies.’
    • ‘For Marcia, being a cat burglar was all risk, excitement and fun.’
    • ‘He probably won't be a killer, maybe a career cat burglar or similar.’
    • ‘They're trying to make me think he's a cat burglar that sneaks out at night.’
    • ‘The two cat burglars were still standing in front of the row of apartments holding a large bag when police arrived and local residents identified them as the burglars.’
    • ‘A cat burglar in Amsterdam got himself in a tight spot after running away from police across house roofs.’


cat burglar

/ˈkat ˌbərɡlər//ˈkæt ˌbərɡlər/