Definition of casually in US English:



  • 1In a relaxed and informal way.

    ‘she was just casually strolling through the mall’
    ‘the family was casually dressed in jeans and sweaters’
    • ‘He saw them walking casually around the gardens.’
    • ‘Cycling more casually, she found a stone bench by the side of the road, and there she dismounted to rest while pondering what course her life would take now.’
    • ‘The students enjoy a summer's day casually studying on the lawn at the top of the Student Union Building.’
    • ‘Sea lions bask casually at the end of the pier.’
    • ‘Across the street, a boy in his teens leaned against a stall, chatting casually with a gray-bearded man.’
    • ‘I spent the time chatting with a group of hippies, casually talking about Woodstock.’
    • ‘People casually flipped through magazines and chatted.’
    • ‘He looked over his shoulder to see the demon boy sitting casually in a wooden chair.’
    • ‘Only 31 percent of UK businesses now allow staff to dress casually at all times, down by 10 percent from 2000.’
    • ‘He is dressed casually with a corduroy jacket and pom-pom hat.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that lacks sufficient care or thoughtfulness.
      ‘people who casually throw garbage around the streets’
      • ‘They draw serious historical attention to realms either overlooked or casually dismissed by standard accounts of contemporary art practice.’
      • ‘It's not something you'd casually toss into a backpack for some light seaside computing.’
      • ‘Backing up your data is not optional, and it is not something that can be casually brushed to the back burner.’
      • ‘The word "unique" is often applied casually.’
      • ‘When I casually asked who did the graphic design, I was immediately engaged into an asinine argument about how graphic design wasn't "art."’
      • ‘It was a stunning comeback for a company that had been casually brushed off just nine months earlier.’
      • ‘They should be vigilant about casually accepting minor changes, which can have major ramifications on design responsibility.’
      • ‘I should have realized he was just being casually offensive in a really oblique way.’
      • ‘We shape the tools that suit our purposes, and then casually discard them.’
      • ‘Modem cruise ships nowadays casually pass close by these perils of the sea, now well marked, and defanged by 21st-century navigational aids.’
  • 2Without commitment or permanence; occasionally or irregularly.

    ‘I work casually as a staff nurse’
    ‘I wouldn't introduce my family to people I was casually dating’
    • ‘I'd dated casually in the past, but I knew he was different from the other guys.’
    • ‘Is it OK to keep seeing him casually, and continue to look for someone else, someone reliable, someone for the long haul?’
    • ‘She worked casually at the museum from 1967, was honorary curator for 11 years, and continues to be an adviser on the museum's textiles.’
    • ‘It is, perhaps, too easy to assume that when you know someone casually, they will think the best of you.’
    • ‘I presented a local TV show with him, so I've kind of known him casually since then.’