Definition of castles in the air (or in Spain) in US English:

castles in the air (or in Spain)


  • Visionary unattainable schemes; daydreams.

    ‘my father built castles in the air about owning a boat’
    • ‘The neurotic is the type of person who's continuously building dream castles in the air.’
    • ‘Academics aren't the only people to build castles in the air, in fact the almost hypnotic nature of the internet makes it very conducive to castle-making.’
    • ‘if you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. now put the foundations under them.’
    • ‘Please tell him just to gently post the mail into the box I have so willingly provided, and then tell him to be on his way, to beat his path away from my dreamy semi-consciousness, and leave me to my somnolence, my reverie of castles in the air.’
    • ‘Maybe the economy would be growing so fast the voters wouldn't even notice the collapse of all those tall castles in the air.’
    • ‘It will be nothing but building castles in the air.’
    • ‘In an interview with the on-line magazine of the newspaper, he said, ‘Instead of constructing castles in the air, we have to support harsh cuts.’’
    • ‘Others would listen spellbound, and describe Heidegger at length building elaborate conceptual castles in the air, only to tear them down a moment later.’
    • ‘With investment in public construction projects being so vague, Li stressed that many big construction investments at the time were castles in the air.’
    • ‘When you're building castles in the air there's little to recommend too much in the way of caution on their location, architecture or facilities.’
    ambition, aspiration, hope
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