Definition of casting in US English:



  • An object made by pouring molten metal or other material into a mold.

    • ‘These areas in southern Nigeria still produce large amounts of bronze castings.’
    • ‘The castings produced by them can vary in weight from ounces up to several hundredweights.’
    • ‘After the castings were attached, the entire frame was gilded in antique gold.’
    • ‘His work ranges from busts to monumental castings commissioned by civic, church, or corporate clients.’
    • ‘The fuel contents are mixed in 600 gallon bowls, then poured into castings to form a solid.’
    • ‘Some elements of the structure have been totally recast and some new castings were made by taking dimensions from the Westbourne Avenue fountain.’
    • ‘His scrapers are similarly of delicate and elegant construction with bronze castings, some incised.’
    • ‘All the works were unique iron castings; he handled the metal as if it were water.’
    • ‘While the artist understands how to cast objects in bronze, she has skilled workers in a foundry to make the bronze castings she needs.’
    • ‘He plans to make nine bronze castings up to 8 feet tall, which will be installed singly or in groups among the buildings.’
    • ‘My products are items like metal casting, ball valve and other plumb fitting accessories widely used by all residential properties.’
    • ‘Glass panels hung beneath the diagonal grid are point fixed by spider castings and silicon sealed.’
    • ‘Michelozzo was responsible for the architectural design and also helped to make the bronze castings for parts of the pulpit.’
    • ‘Some of these steels, as well as other, similar steels, are produced as forgings or castings.’
    • ‘Mechanical properties of permanent mold castings can be further improved by heat treatment.’
    • ‘The decorative castings were produced at HMS Sultan in Gosport last summer in what was the last working foundry in the Armed Forces.’
    • ‘Besides it melting abilities, the team have designed the apparatus to produce high-quality platinum castings.’
    • ‘For thousands of years, in fact, foundry workers have made bronze castings of clay models made by sculptors.’
    • ‘Most manufacturers will also use solid brass castings, screws and bolts in the construction of their furniture.’
    • ‘Ropes stopped the castings tipping over at this delicate stage.’
    • ‘The Krishna theme is conveyed through the medium of woodcarvings, metal castings and ivory carvings.’
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