Definition of caste mark in US English:

caste mark


  • A symbol on the forehead denoting membership of a particular Hindu caste.

    • ‘Like the Hasidim with their pales, or the Indian woman with her caste mark.’
    • ‘His hair is oiled and groomed into a beehive topknot; his high, unfurrowed forehead is punctuated with a round caste mark.’
    • ‘It is almost like an Indian caste mark, but in this case appearing as a troubling presence, permanently in her consciousness.’
    • ‘The girl makes obeisance to her future husband three times and puts a caste mark on his forehead.’
    • ‘BBC English was not so much an imperial caste mark as a genuine lingua franca.’


caste mark

/ˈkas(t) ˌmärk/