Definition of caste Hindu in US English:

caste Hindu


  • A Hindu who belongs to one of the four main castes.

    • ‘On the other hand, exposure of caste Hindus to these very richas will change their mindset that practising untouchability and casteism is really a sin against dharma.’
    • ‘Half of them, the caste Hindus feel, will not win and many Brahmins who could have won were denied tickets.’
    • ‘He pointed out that many Dalits have a culture of their own, and slightly different deities from those of the caste Hindus.’
    • ‘So, too, for many Muslims, who, despite their religious strictures against untouchability, consider Dalits as ‘low’ and practise varying degrees of untouchability towards them in emulation of caste Hindu attitudes.’
    • ‘A Dalit party demanded a ban also on yagnas conducted by caste Hindus at the mainstream temples constructed and run under agama rules.’
    • ‘Strong in the theatre elements, it gives you a graphic picture of the atrocities perpetrated on this section of society by the caste Hindus.’
    • ‘When for instance, a caste Hindu converts to Christianity, what do they have to give up?’