Definition of cast aside in US English:

cast aside

phrasal verb

  • Discard or reject.

    ‘they cast aside the principles of their youth’
    • ‘He casts aside previous thinking too casually, leaving readers who are unfamiliar with what has been written on the subject with a misleading impression.’
    • ‘Although it has cast aside its membership requirements, the club still has a strict dress code.’
    • ‘As Americans crowded into the divorce courts, they were casting aside the complex - and demanding - vision of the Founders.’
    • ‘Bad policy is bad policy, and should be cast aside like leftover picnic mayonnaise.’
    • ‘But other conservatives are crying foul, saying that the law casts aside their federalist principles.’
    • ‘I laugh at the bees as I snap their pictures, finally casting aside a life-long fear of them to look at their fat bodies dusted in pollen.’
    • ‘At least we wouldn't be casting aside international law and ‘going it alone.’’
    • ‘Are Security Council resolutions to be honored and enforced or cast aside without consequence?’
    • ‘Should I cast the To Do list aside and just enjoy myself today?’
    • ‘But all doubts were cast aside when she saw him there in his jeans and t-shirt waiting for her.’