Definition of cassareep in US English:


(also casareep)


  • A thick brown syrup made by boiling down the juice of grated cassava with sugar and spices, used as a flavouing for the West Indian dish pepper pot.

    • ‘This cassareep mixed with meat and fish of all kinds serves to preserve them, and it imparts to them its own pleasant flavour.’
    • ‘It took its flavours both from spices that were grown in the new colonies, and from cassareep, a syrupy reduction of the juice expressed from grated bitter cassava root, sugar, cloves, and cinnamon.’
    • ‘Fry for 7 mins then add spice, clove, cassareep and peppers and sauté over gentle heat for a second time.’
    • ‘Bring to a boil and cook until tender when tested with a fork; then add the sugar, cloves, peppers, casareep and continue cooking for 4 hours or until the meat falls off the bone.’
    • ‘These projects include the production of cassava bread, farine and cassareep according to traditional Amerindian methods, fans, baskets, mats and carry cases.’
    • ‘It is a concoction of hot pepper, spice, sugar, cassareep, and salted meat, such as beef and/or pork, and is eaten with rice or another starch.’
    • ‘The village was noted for its production of pepper sauce, cassava bread and casareep.’
    • ‘Its chief seasoning ingredient is cassareep, the thick syrup residue from boiled cassava juice.’
    • ‘It is not only cooked but also a type of flour used to make a syrup called cassareep as well as fermented to make an alcoholic beverage.’
    • ‘Place the meats in a stew pot, add the onions, peppers, and cassareep, and water to cover.’
    • ‘His normal rate of exchange was five pints of casareep for a gallon of milk.’
    • ‘Wayside food is typical of the Caribbean; callaloo is to Trinidad what jerk chicken is to Jamaica, flying fish to Barbados and casareep to Guyana.’
    • ‘Cassava was ground and grated to be made into casareep, a seasoning used in cooking.’
    • ‘Allow to caramelise to add color to the dish (granulated sugar caramelises better than brown sugar, and casareep or browning may be added where available.)’
    • ‘Pepper pot, served throughout the season, is a meat stew flavored with casareep, a cassava extract.’
    • ‘Guyanese overseas make sure they have some casareep come December so that they could prepare a pot of pepperpot to enjoy a taste of home.’
    • ‘The national dish is pepperpot (a thick Creole meat stew cooked in casareep, the juice of the cassava) traditionally served at Christmas with cassava bread.’
    • ‘The secret is the cassareep - made by squeezing the liquid from fresh grated cassava then boiling it down - which has a preservative effect on the meat.’
    • ‘The casareep is used in their pepper pot that preserves cooked meat indefinitely.’


From Arawak casiripe.