Definition of Caslon in US English:



  • A kind of roman typeface first introduced in the 18th century.

    • ‘I love these Caslon headings, even if the Flash replacement making them work is being a bit fiddly, I only wish I could find a readable body serif for the web that actually had some typographical merit.’
    • ‘They excavated an assortment of typefaces, including Caslon, Scotch Roman and several different sans serif faces.’
    • ‘Requiring everyone to write in a specific ‘hand’ seems on par with requiring all printed body copy to be set in Helvetica, or Caslon, or any other typeface.’
    • ‘Type was the next consideration and as hand setting was to be the method, Bob settled on Monotype Caslon for basic text in the two available trade-set sizes, 12-point and 11-point.’


Mid 19th century: named after William Caslon (1692–1766), English type founder.