Definition of casino in English:



  • A public room or building where gambling games are played.

    • ‘His happiness relies on a visit to the casino to play the slot machines.’
    • ‘West and Fike are quick to point out the decadent lifestyle they all led inside the bars, casinos and hotel rooms.’
    • ‘In Las Vegas, income from gaming tables at the casinos fell dramatically, but slot machine revenue was up.’
    • ‘His ability to give bad luck to others lands him a job at a casino, where he spoils the winning streaks of gamblers.’
    • ‘As in the earlier study, many of them were underage when they gambled illegally in casinos.’
    • ‘Critics have claimed the explosion of new casinos could lead to a rise in addiction to gambling.’
    • ‘Until now, anyone wishing to gamble at a casino had to sign up as a member and had to wait 24 hours to gain entry.’
    • ‘What will happen when we get our legal gambling casinos and the influx of people doubles and triples?’
    • ‘The physical restrictions on casinos has meant online gambling has been popular in Britain.’
    • ‘UK bookmakers, casinos and betting shops make billions of pounds every year.’
    • ‘As part of the bid, the race track could have been turned into a gaming complex with a casino.’
    • ‘He was known to be a regular gambler at casinos and betting shops, went to the gym daily and won karate trophies.’
    • ‘Roy says a poker room at the casino could possibly open as early as late summer.’
    • ‘The rest of the former store is set to become a hotel, flats, restaurants and possibly a casino.’
    • ‘Gaming in casinos and indeed betting on horse racing are just some of many ways in which people gamble.’
    • ‘Only one underage person in our sample gambled regularly in New Zealand casinos.’
    • ‘I used to bet on everything: horses, dogs, in casinos, at private card games, you name it.’
    • ‘He said they will gamble in any country, whether it is casinos or horseracing tracks.’
    • ‘He still managed to go to the casino for an evening's gambling and do a runner on his taxi fare.’
    • ‘The big bonus here is that all the fun and games of the casino are close to hand.’
    gambling house, gambling club, gaming club, gambling den
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Mid 18th century: from Italian, diminutive of casa ‘house’, from Latin casa ‘cottage’.